Friday, 29 August 2014

Miss Dior- Blooming Bouquet

I finally got sent a sample from What's In My Handbag and was super excited!

This perfume is absolutely gorgeous, a lovely sweet floral scent that is perfect for summer days! It manages to be girly without being overpoweringly sweet. 

I love it and it is a definite contender for my wedding day perfume!! :)



Ps. I've been super busy lately with house renovations and so haven't had much time to blog but I have lots of posts coming up- promise! :)

Friday, 8 August 2014

Summer Wishlist!

Hello everyone,

As you all know, I am in the midst of saving up to renovate our new house and for our wedding! This leaves me with very little cash to be able to spend on what I like to call "fashion and beauty essentials" - makeup and clothes of course!!

So I figured what I would do is to create a wishlist- things I am so wanting right now but haven't been able to buy (as of yet!).

Firstly I am so loving  She Inside at the moment- so many pretty clothes for bargain prices! I'm a fan of their facebook page and they are always showing amazing outfit combinations that makes me want to buy the whole thing, like now!!

I really want a pair of these gorgeous shorts- daisy prints are so cute right now! You can buy them here.

With them I would pair this super cute chiffron vest: 
which can be found just here

As for shoes, I was browsing the iPanema Flip Flops website when I came across these beauties: 

They are a flip flop and a sandal combined which I think along with the daisy print shorts gives that really effortless chic look! The strap on these shoes is one of the main reasons I love them, I think it turns standard flip flops into something really feminine and cute. These are my new must have for the beach!! You can buy them here.

I totally love this necklace from New Look at the minute and think it adds that pop of pink to any outfit- something I love being super girly and a lover of all things pink!!
You can buy this here.

A brand I am really getting into at the moment is Michael Kors- I've seen a few watches and I totally want them! Now I've moved onto daydreaming over the bags too.

I couldn't narrow it down to just one or even several bags... I want them all! Browse the collection available to readily buy in the UK here!

So that's my summer outfit I am completely lusting over this week!

Here are a few beauty extras I am super lusting on too:

I was in town with a friend the other day when I smelt this for the first time and although it's not a new fragrance, this is top on my wish list for a day time perfume! It's floral and sweet notes ensure it has a romantic and dreamy smell however it does this without being overbearing or sickly sweet- love it! You can purchase this here.

I love a red lipstick and I am dreaming over this Yves Saint Laurent shade: Rouge Pur Couture. Described as "seductive, passionate and scandalous" this is a deep matte red this is sure to add that touch to any outfit! You can buy this here.

Lastly I am crushing on this Body shop blusher:

Both a blusher and a highlighter 'Baked-to-Last' looks a perfect makeup bag addition for summer in order to get that pop of shimmer in the sun! You can buy this online here.

So that's my Summer 2014 wishlist! What's on your wishlist this summer? Keep tuned into my blog where next post I will be showing you what's in my makeup bag as well as revealing my ideas for my bridal eye makeup! 

Happy summer everyone!



Friday, 1 August 2014

Sweet Pea Flowers

One of our neighbours gave us a bunch of sweetpea flowers from her garden this week which I thought was super cute!!

We don't have a vase yet!

For our wedding table decorations we are wanting white & pink sweetpea flowers. Especially if we can find a nice selection of different shades of pink; I think it will look so sweet and romantic, yet not too OTT.

They also smell AMAZING!

What did you use as your wedding table flowers? Let me know in the comments!



Monday, 28 July 2014

Wedding Countdown

I bought the cutest wedding countdown door hanger this week.

A new step in my morning routine is going to be chalking on this just how many months is left until the day I say "I do".



Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Nail Routine

This is a post I've been really excited to write as I love painting my nails!

One of my favourite brands of nail varnish is Essie- I currently only own three of their nail varnishes but I am hoping to buy more at some point (when I have some money maybe! Lol)

Firstly I always remove any existing nail varnish I have- the correct technique for doing this is similar to how you take your eye make up remover off- press down the pad on your nail for a few seconds in order to let the remover soak in and then brush off in a downward motion. I got told by a beautician never to rub as this damages your nails!

I usually use Boots own nail varnish remover that is Acetone free as this is miles better for your nails and doesn't dry them out whereas removers with acetone do. At the minute though I have a big bottle of remover from poundland which is a bargain and lasts me ages!

As you may see, last time I painted my nails I was a bit naughty and didn't use a base coat and you can see how the colour has clung to my nails slightly despite the remover!

I then used my Burt's Bees cuticle balm- which smells so amazingly of lemon and is super hydrating for cuticles too. After this I push them back with Boots manicure sticks and then file my nails :D

I have an amazing nail file from Soap Co that I adore but that is for another blog as I have so much to write about it!

I then used my Essie all in one polish which can be used as a base coat, strengthener and top coat. 

I decided to use the Essie shade 'Meet me at sunset' which is a lovely coral colour. This is described as a 'vibrant deep orange'.' It does however look a lot more orange in the pot than it does when on your nails- it has a nice red undertone to it once applied to your nails- especially after the second coat! I'm really loving coral shades at the moment- check out my review of the Bourjois coral lip crayon here.

After two coats of 'Meet me at sunset' I then used my Bourjois nail art stickers on my ring fingers to jazz it up a bit. 

I then sealed with my all in one top coat which adds a lovely shine and keeps my nails chip free! A must for summer nails!

The other polish shown here is Essies "Naughty Nautical" which is a lovely green shade with a hint of shimmer, that I can't wait to use on my toenails to get them flip flop ready!

What's your nail routine? What do you think of Essie's polishes? Let me know in the comments below!



Friday, 18 July 2014


Ingredients:  Top notes of raspberry, pink pepper and galbanum. This is followed by Eygyption Jasmine, freesia and orns in the heart. The base is patchouli, vanilla absolute, musk and ambergris. 

DKNY NY is another product I won to review from the Debenhams Beauty Club VIP panel! The campaign features Rita Ora who I am a big fan of so this made it that bit more exciting for me! I was super happy to receive this as I am on the look for a perfect fragrance for my wedding day so when this bottle came in the post I couldn't wait to open it...

The bottle itself is adorable!! I love anything girly and pretty looking so the heart shaped bottle definitely did it for me, a fancy bottle seems to imply expensive and this is definitely a perfume bottle you would want people to see!

MYNY is an urban blend of fruit, florals and spice that was inspired by the bustling streets of New York city itself. I have always wanted to visit New York and so this sounded a great fragrance to try!

What I love about this scent is that unlike some other fragrances, from first spray it is not too overwhelming and so you can use as many sprays as you like without creating that overpowering effect. The fragrance I could smell first was the floral, sweet smell, and then came undertones of spice. You can definitely smell the spice element to it and in my opinion it prevents the fragrance from being too floraly and girly which is good if your one to prefer a more casual scent rather than something sickly sweet. The jasmine it contains it one scent that particularly came through for me which is great as I love jasmine!

It is not my favorite perfume by DKNY and it doesn't beat the classic Be Delicious which I think is another fragrance perfect for casual daytime wear. However, it is still a nice fragrance. For my wedding, I'd prefer something a little more 'night time' so this won't be for me. However MYNY is a scent that's advertised as sophisticated and playful and reflects the lifestyle in New York which I believe it does and so in that sense DKNY have it spot on!

I do think that MYNY is a great fragrance for day time to make your office look a bit more sophisticated or for casual drinks in a bar. The price tag would put me off as I think there are cheaper fragrances that smell just as good but overall it is a lovely fragrance! 

MYNY is available exclusively to Debenhams from the 5th August! 

Thank you to Debenhams and DKNY for letting me review this! :)


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Aussie Beach Mate Comp Win!!

I won this lovely Aussie beach mate hamper from the lovelys at Superdrugloves on Instagram :)

I was so super excited to win this as I love Aussie products! In it came three full size products of the Aussie Beach Mate range and three travel sizes. As well as that came a super cute bracelet, an ornamental mini deck chair and a bluetooth speaker!! I know right!? With the addition of a "Great Escapes" book it really does make me want to just be sat on a beach somewhere!!

Even better, it came with a lovely glass cork bottle and in a lovely wooden box- this is perfect as I have envisioned my new bathroom to have yellow wooden boxes filled with either loo rolls or little boxes of toiletry supplies with little glass jars on the shelf containing cotton buds etc! Off I go to paint this box yellow...!



Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Lovelettuce LUSH Facemask

About a year ago now I was browsing through LUSH when one of the store assistants introduced me to their range of fresh facemasks. Coming in an array of different types, each face mask promises you something different.

I was drawn to the Love Lettuce mask because of it's amazing lavender scent. Lush use essential oils in order to create that amazing smell that stays fresh and lavender is one of my favourite. When I spoke to the store assistant about the array spots that have developed on my face as I've got into my 20's (I missed out on all that in my teens and seem to be suffering now!) she recommended this mask to me as the natural anti-bacterial properties of the lavender help to banish spots and to prevent any from popping up.

The mask itself is deeply exfoliating and once it's rinsed off your face is left super soft and smooth! Your advised to leave on for 15-20 minutes but I can easily leave it on a lot longer and the scent is so relaxing. As with all the lush facemasks it is rather chunky and there is a lot in the tub so you can really go wild! I always use a really thick layer on my face so I feel it is doing it's job properly. 

Although one thing it does do is dry out my skin a little so be sure to moisturise after use and I wouldn't recommend this if you have particularly dry skin. 

Another note is that they do have to be kept in the fridge and they have a use by date as they are fresh! You can usually ignore this up to a few days after before they begin to go off!

This is definitely my favourite mask and beats the packet masks you can buy elsewhere by far! At £6.25 it is a little pricey but it is SO worth it for an occasional treat!

Have you tried the LUSH fresh masks? What did you think of them?

Comment below!



Monday, 14 July 2014

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Review

Just over a year ago I was a white bleached blonde and whilst I loved it, it my hair definitely paid the price for it! 

With being a bridesmaid for one of my friends looming I needed something to fix my damaged hair. I've spent money on expensive products, tried bargain products and everything in between and nothing really helps that much!

I came across L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology when I saw it on offer for three products for £10.00 in Boots. I've used L'Oreal products before and been very impressed so I thought I may as well give this a try- I was totally sucked in at the word 'thickening'.

I bought the 200ml of shampoo and conditioner and I also bought the thickness booster. 

They are lovely products, the conditioner is not too heavy even though it is thickening and they smell AMAZING.

As far as the 'thickening' benefit goes, I'm not so sure they have made my hair any thicker than it was but they have ensured it is always feeling in tip top condition and the conditioner managers to be hydrating without causing my hair to feel greasy.

Should I Buy These?

If you need something to thicken your hair, I think there will be better products out there. However if you just want to ensure your hair always feels silky smooth and smells amazing then these are the products for you! I would skip the thickening booster as I am not so sure it makes that much of a difference, but I would be interested to find out what the serum is like!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Moving House!

Mr P and I are in the middle of moving house at the minute, our new house is lovely and really spacious compared to our old one.

The only thing is there is SO much work to be done... basically new everything! We've been running around like headless chickens the past couple of days trying to get everything sorted.

The only fridge freezer we have is too big to fit in our house so we are currently having to go back and forth to the garage everytime we need to use the fridge-total nightmare when their is no garage door from the inside!

Earlier this evening we heard shuffles outside the door whilst in the kitchen, I was so scared thinking it was a burgular attempting to pick the lock... Mr P opened the door and there sat two hedgehogs!! It was so so cute and I couldn't believe their shuffling was making so much noise. I think it has been my favourite thing about moving so far, haha!

Is anyone else moving at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!



Sunday, 6 July 2014

Wedding Music

So whilst planning my wedding I've come to realise that a huge part of every wedding is the music!

Although my wedding is still two years away I've been having a think about some of the music I would like and so far have come up with a few ideas!

I think for me personally I prefer to steer clear of traditional -'cliche' if you like- songs, preferring them to be more personal to us!

Aisle Song: Taylor Swift cover: Dallas String Quartet- Love Story 

As soon as I knew I was getting married I just KNEW I had to walk down the aisle to this song. It was only when searching YouTube for an instrumental version that I came across Dallas String Quartet and I found their music beautiful! I have gone as far as knowing the exact timings I want my maid of honour and then myself to walk down the aisle. 

I will definitely feel like a princess out of Taylor Swifts love story video entering to this song!

First Dance: Taylor Swift- I'm Only Me When I'm With You

I adore this song! However, I found it a bit quick for a first dance song and so came my wonderful idea. I asked my friend Hayley Ellen whether she would record a cover for me that I can play for our first dance on the big day and she said yes! So excited :) I love her style of music and her voice is beautiful! 

I love this song because it isn't the typical cliché type of first song, it's more casual and down to earth and in that it's beautiful. It's a song thats not afraid to admit that everything isn't always perfect and I just know people will laugh at the line "You drive me crazy half the time." However, it's still a really meaningful song and sums Mr P and I up perfectly! 

I want my wedding to be casual and fun as well as being beautiful and I think this song is definitely keeping it so! 

Wedding Video Songs: Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift- Two is Better Than One & You me at six- Cold Night

I've always wanted one of those beautiful wedding videos with clips and pictures from the big day on. I think they are an amazing memory of the big day to rewatch again and again with your husband and perfect for sharing the moment over again with friends! 

Both these songs I think are just beautiful. Again I think they are as they are, they don't have that typical wedding song air about them but they are beautiful in their own way!

And yes once again, Taylor Swift- can anyone see a theme here?! I think two is better than one is a beautiful song full of meaning of what it is to be in love.

I love the tune of cold night and I particularly love the line "I knew the moment I met you I could never lose you." Think it's perfect for a wedding and I have always loved you me at six. Luckily Mr P is letting me take control of most things and is okay with the music I pick, he must trust my judgement! :)

Potential Ceremony Songs:

We The Kings cover- Vitamin String Quartet- Check Yes Juliet

I think this song would be a beautiful song to have playing either whilst we said our vows or when we sign the register. I love we the kings and love this song. Again, it fits in with that whole Romeo and Juliet theme I have going on with Taylor Swift-Love Story whilst walking down the aisle! String quartets are something I have only just discovered since wedding planning and they really do sound so beautiful.

Take That cover- Erskine String Quartet- The Greatest Day

Okay, yes, this one is a little clichéd BUT it is such a lovely song for a wedding I don't think I can resist. I love the idea of walking down the aisle getting the bubbles we have blown and the confetti thrown on us whilst this song plays. It sets the perfect atmosphere for a newly married couple! 

Other Music:

For the time in between the wedding breakfast and the evening do I am hoping to have Hayley playing some live music, with her performing some more songs once the evening guests arrive, providing she doesn't mind! :)

I really want the cover of Abba's Honey Honey from the Mamma Mia film for the cake cutting but Mr P isn't so keen! Lol. The cake cutting song is supposed to be fun and sweet and this definitely is! It's so catchy too, I think most of the wedding guests would hate me for getting this song stuck in their head the remainder of the time lol!

For the bouquet toss, you guessed it, it's Taylor Swift again!! I'm thinking of having Taylor Swift- 22 for the bouquet toss- it's all about girls having fun and living life in the moment, I love it! 

So that's what I have for now :D what do you all think? Leave me a comment below! 



Beach Themed Engagement Photoshoot

This week we have done something really exciting... our engagement shoot! 

Armed with her camera, Lil (Lil-Loves) accompanied us, along with another friend, to the beach where we messed about thinking of different poses and created our lovely pictures :D massive thank you to Lily!

After the shoot we had fish and chips and went and sat outside, it was a perfect day! 

Here are some of our favourites:

I can't wait to get some of these on canvas!!