Friday, 27 June 2014

Lavender Farm and Favours

Lavender Farm

This week Mr P and I went to the Yorkshire Lavender Farm.

We were supposed to be having our engagement photo shoot that day with the lovely Lily (Lil Loves) taking our photographs however I caught a bad cold (after telling Mr P to man up when he had the same thing last week, oops!). My nose was all red and I felt awful and it definitely wouldn't make the best pictures so we rescheduled it and Mr P and I  decided to have a day at the lavender farm instead as it was free and gave us something to do rather than me mope about feeling sorry for myself!

I just had to share the pictures on here as it was a really beautiful place and smelled divine! 

If you know what some of the flowers are bar the lavender then please do let me know, I have no idea about some of them!

Poppys :)

Lavender maze :D

Also, I never realised before how many different types of Lavender there is, English, French, Cottage Garden Lavender (!?) . And so on. Read more about different types of Lavender :)

They also had a cute gift shop with lavender oil, products, biscuits and lavender ICE CREAM! We didn't get any as we are on a budget and also trying to eat healthily but how awesome and yummy does lavender ice cream sound!!

Wedding Favours

We have decided for our wedding favours that as well as having little succulent plants for the day time guests, we are also going to make Lavender soap and little lavender bags for them all seeing as it smells soo good and is great for relaxing and getting all the beauty sleep that everyone will need! 

My mum has been such an AMAZING help with all the planning and I could never do it without her. She's given me loads of great ideas and is doing so much for me! Anyway she came up with another favours idea; buying everyone a book personal to their interests and wrapping it up in pretty paper, I love it! Safe to say our guests are going to be as showered in gifts as we are lol!

What did you do for wedding favours? Let me know in the comments box! 



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