Friday, 18 July 2014


Ingredients:  Top notes of raspberry, pink pepper and galbanum. This is followed by Eygyption Jasmine, freesia and orns in the heart. The base is patchouli, vanilla absolute, musk and ambergris. 

DKNY NY is another product I won to review from the Debenhams Beauty Club VIP panel! The campaign features Rita Ora who I am a big fan of so this made it that bit more exciting for me! I was super happy to receive this as I am on the look for a perfect fragrance for my wedding day so when this bottle came in the post I couldn't wait to open it...

The bottle itself is adorable!! I love anything girly and pretty looking so the heart shaped bottle definitely did it for me, a fancy bottle seems to imply expensive and this is definitely a perfume bottle you would want people to see!

MYNY is an urban blend of fruit, florals and spice that was inspired by the bustling streets of New York city itself. I have always wanted to visit New York and so this sounded a great fragrance to try!

What I love about this scent is that unlike some other fragrances, from first spray it is not too overwhelming and so you can use as many sprays as you like without creating that overpowering effect. The fragrance I could smell first was the floral, sweet smell, and then came undertones of spice. You can definitely smell the spice element to it and in my opinion it prevents the fragrance from being too floraly and girly which is good if your one to prefer a more casual scent rather than something sickly sweet. The jasmine it contains it one scent that particularly came through for me which is great as I love jasmine!

It is not my favorite perfume by DKNY and it doesn't beat the classic Be Delicious which I think is another fragrance perfect for casual daytime wear. However, it is still a nice fragrance. For my wedding, I'd prefer something a little more 'night time' so this won't be for me. However MYNY is a scent that's advertised as sophisticated and playful and reflects the lifestyle in New York which I believe it does and so in that sense DKNY have it spot on!

I do think that MYNY is a great fragrance for day time to make your office look a bit more sophisticated or for casual drinks in a bar. The price tag would put me off as I think there are cheaper fragrances that smell just as good but overall it is a lovely fragrance! 

MYNY is available exclusively to Debenhams from the 5th August! 

Thank you to Debenhams and DKNY for letting me review this! :)



  1. It looks so cute! Your review is really good and I'm glad you've at least been able to try it and narrow down the wedding list perfume potentials! x

  2. Thank you! It does look adorable doesn't it! :)