Monday, 14 July 2014

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Review

Just over a year ago I was a white bleached blonde and whilst I loved it, it my hair definitely paid the price for it! 

With being a bridesmaid for one of my friends looming I needed something to fix my damaged hair. I've spent money on expensive products, tried bargain products and everything in between and nothing really helps that much!

I came across L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology when I saw it on offer for three products for £10.00 in Boots. I've used L'Oreal products before and been very impressed so I thought I may as well give this a try- I was totally sucked in at the word 'thickening'.

I bought the 200ml of shampoo and conditioner and I also bought the thickness booster. 

They are lovely products, the conditioner is not too heavy even though it is thickening and they smell AMAZING.

As far as the 'thickening' benefit goes, I'm not so sure they have made my hair any thicker than it was but they have ensured it is always feeling in tip top condition and the conditioner managers to be hydrating without causing my hair to feel greasy.

Should I Buy These?

If you need something to thicken your hair, I think there will be better products out there. However if you just want to ensure your hair always feels silky smooth and smells amazing then these are the products for you! I would skip the thickening booster as I am not so sure it makes that much of a difference, but I would be interested to find out what the serum is like!


  1. Aw its sad it didn't actually help thicken your hair! But glad its helped you repair some of it and make it smooth and managable. I must say I do love this brand, I've (as you know) been using the red L'oreal "colour protect" range and really been loving it for keeping my dip-dye in -

    Its a really helpful review :) so thanks x

    1. Thank you :) I think I love it just for the smell and the smooth feeling it gives your hair!
      I'd love to try the colour protect range :)