Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Nail Routine

This is a post I've been really excited to write as I love painting my nails!

One of my favourite brands of nail varnish is Essie- I currently only own three of their nail varnishes but I am hoping to buy more at some point (when I have some money maybe! Lol)

Firstly I always remove any existing nail varnish I have- the correct technique for doing this is similar to how you take your eye make up remover off- press down the pad on your nail for a few seconds in order to let the remover soak in and then brush off in a downward motion. I got told by a beautician never to rub as this damages your nails!

I usually use Boots own nail varnish remover that is Acetone free as this is miles better for your nails and doesn't dry them out whereas removers with acetone do. At the minute though I have a big bottle of remover from poundland which is a bargain and lasts me ages!

As you may see, last time I painted my nails I was a bit naughty and didn't use a base coat and you can see how the colour has clung to my nails slightly despite the remover!

I then used my Burt's Bees cuticle balm- which smells so amazingly of lemon and is super hydrating for cuticles too. After this I push them back with Boots manicure sticks and then file my nails :D

I have an amazing nail file from Soap Co that I adore but that is for another blog as I have so much to write about it!

I then used my Essie all in one polish which can be used as a base coat, strengthener and top coat. 

I decided to use the Essie shade 'Meet me at sunset' which is a lovely coral colour. This is described as a 'vibrant deep orange'.' It does however look a lot more orange in the pot than it does when on your nails- it has a nice red undertone to it once applied to your nails- especially after the second coat! I'm really loving coral shades at the moment- check out my review of the Bourjois coral lip crayon here.

After two coats of 'Meet me at sunset' I then used my Bourjois nail art stickers on my ring fingers to jazz it up a bit. 

I then sealed with my all in one top coat which adds a lovely shine and keeps my nails chip free! A must for summer nails!

The other polish shown here is Essies "Naughty Nautical" which is a lovely green shade with a hint of shimmer, that I can't wait to use on my toenails to get them flip flop ready!

What's your nail routine? What do you think of Essie's polishes? Let me know in the comments below!



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