Friday, 4 July 2014

Skinny Sprinkles

When I first ordered these I was in two minds about whether they would really work for me- my appetite is very hard to suppress lol!

So I started using these last week and I have to say that so far they are working!

The directions state to drink them three times a day before each meal but because I'm sensitive to caffeine (and never eat breakfast) I only tend to take one before lunch just so that I'm not feeling ill with a caffeine rush!

They are really easy to mix up, you just pour the sprinkles into 200ml of cold water, stir for a minute and then there you have it! :) It advises to drink quickly before it thickens- I usually down it because the taste isn't that great, like a weak strawberry water, but it is definitely bearable.

I find I eat a smaller portion than I would of without them by far and I also don't feel a need to snack at all during the afternoon as I still feel full from lunch, something I never used to get before trying these! So they definitely work for me!

After a week of using them I lost three pounds so I feel they are really working especially since I had a few slip ups in terms of eating treats too!

Should I Buy These?

If you want an easy appetite suppressant whilst you start a healthy eating plan then these are definitely for you! They also have a sale at the minute on Amazon and they are £17.95 rather than £25.95. For this you get 21 sticks which is a pretty fair price :) especially if you only use them once a day like me! Or you can get 42 sticks for £29,99 instead of £44.95 in the sale at the mo which is the ones I got :D



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  1. Great review :) I still need to try mine! Ah I'm terrible haha, will let you know how it goes ofc though xx