Sunday, 6 July 2014

Wedding Music

So whilst planning my wedding I've come to realise that a huge part of every wedding is the music!

Although my wedding is still two years away I've been having a think about some of the music I would like and so far have come up with a few ideas!

I think for me personally I prefer to steer clear of traditional -'cliche' if you like- songs, preferring them to be more personal to us!

Aisle Song: Taylor Swift cover: Dallas String Quartet- Love Story 

As soon as I knew I was getting married I just KNEW I had to walk down the aisle to this song. It was only when searching YouTube for an instrumental version that I came across Dallas String Quartet and I found their music beautiful! I have gone as far as knowing the exact timings I want my maid of honour and then myself to walk down the aisle. 

I will definitely feel like a princess out of Taylor Swifts love story video entering to this song!

First Dance: Taylor Swift- I'm Only Me When I'm With You

I adore this song! However, I found it a bit quick for a first dance song and so came my wonderful idea. I asked my friend Hayley Ellen whether she would record a cover for me that I can play for our first dance on the big day and she said yes! So excited :) I love her style of music and her voice is beautiful! 

I love this song because it isn't the typical cliché type of first song, it's more casual and down to earth and in that it's beautiful. It's a song thats not afraid to admit that everything isn't always perfect and I just know people will laugh at the line "You drive me crazy half the time." However, it's still a really meaningful song and sums Mr P and I up perfectly! 

I want my wedding to be casual and fun as well as being beautiful and I think this song is definitely keeping it so! 

Wedding Video Songs: Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift- Two is Better Than One & You me at six- Cold Night

I've always wanted one of those beautiful wedding videos with clips and pictures from the big day on. I think they are an amazing memory of the big day to rewatch again and again with your husband and perfect for sharing the moment over again with friends! 

Both these songs I think are just beautiful. Again I think they are as they are, they don't have that typical wedding song air about them but they are beautiful in their own way!

And yes once again, Taylor Swift- can anyone see a theme here?! I think two is better than one is a beautiful song full of meaning of what it is to be in love.

I love the tune of cold night and I particularly love the line "I knew the moment I met you I could never lose you." Think it's perfect for a wedding and I have always loved you me at six. Luckily Mr P is letting me take control of most things and is okay with the music I pick, he must trust my judgement! :)

Potential Ceremony Songs:

We The Kings cover- Vitamin String Quartet- Check Yes Juliet

I think this song would be a beautiful song to have playing either whilst we said our vows or when we sign the register. I love we the kings and love this song. Again, it fits in with that whole Romeo and Juliet theme I have going on with Taylor Swift-Love Story whilst walking down the aisle! String quartets are something I have only just discovered since wedding planning and they really do sound so beautiful.

Take That cover- Erskine String Quartet- The Greatest Day

Okay, yes, this one is a little clichéd BUT it is such a lovely song for a wedding I don't think I can resist. I love the idea of walking down the aisle getting the bubbles we have blown and the confetti thrown on us whilst this song plays. It sets the perfect atmosphere for a newly married couple! 

Other Music:

For the time in between the wedding breakfast and the evening do I am hoping to have Hayley playing some live music, with her performing some more songs once the evening guests arrive, providing she doesn't mind! :)

I really want the cover of Abba's Honey Honey from the Mamma Mia film for the cake cutting but Mr P isn't so keen! Lol. The cake cutting song is supposed to be fun and sweet and this definitely is! It's so catchy too, I think most of the wedding guests would hate me for getting this song stuck in their head the remainder of the time lol!

For the bouquet toss, you guessed it, it's Taylor Swift again!! I'm thinking of having Taylor Swift- 22 for the bouquet toss- it's all about girls having fun and living life in the moment, I love it! 

So that's what I have for now :D what do you all think? Leave me a comment below! 




  1. I think we would be musical best friends ;] I love Taylor Swift and We The Kings. I love the You Me At Six song Underdog (the acoustic version). Not a wedding song but they were on your list, so I had to mention them. I think your final song of the night should definitely be Taylor's Today Was A Fairytale. It was on my list for when the band took a break.

    For our cake song, we did Cut The Cake by Average White Band. It was very fitting. For the bouquet toss, I picked Owl City/Carly Rae Jepsen Good Time. And for the garter, we picked the Austin Powers song.

    Just to give you more song ideas, our first dance was Bless This Broken Road by Rascall Flats. I really wanted He Is We/Owl City - All About Us, but it was too far off from my husband's taste. My backup was James Blunt - Bonefire Heart. For our group song (the song that follows the first dance where you ask everyone to dance), we picked Michael Franti & Spearhead - Life Is Better With You.

    1. Aw wow yeah it does sound as if we are musical best friends, I love you me at six too. I adore their song fireworks-obviously not fitting for a wedding though!
      I actually heard a really nice string quartet of taylor swift today was a fairytale, I loved it! :)

      I love the song you had for your bouquet toss! I'm not sure what to have for garter toss- I never realised quite how many songs are needed before planning my own wedding lol-definatly such a fun part of planning though :D
      Your first dance song sounds like it was lovely and I love the back up song too. I was considering Bonfire Heart at some point in the day but feel as if many people will have it at their wedding also!

      I haven't thought about the group dance but I'l have a think :)

      Thanks so much for your ideas and input! :)



  2. We got married back in 2009 and it's interesting to see just how music has changed since then.

    Lisa, so funny- our song was Broken Road too.

  3. I see some classics on this list, Abba! When I get some down time, I am going to listen to your list. Thanks for sharing.

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