Friday, 29 August 2014

Miss Dior- Blooming Bouquet

I finally got sent a sample from What's In My Handbag and was super excited!

This perfume is absolutely gorgeous, a lovely sweet floral scent that is perfect for summer days! It manages to be girly without being overpoweringly sweet. 

I love it and it is a definite contender for my wedding day perfume!! :)



Ps. I've been super busy lately with house renovations and so haven't had much time to blog but I have lots of posts coming up- promise! :)

Friday, 8 August 2014

Summer Wishlist!

Hello everyone,

As you all know, I am in the midst of saving up to renovate our new house and for our wedding! This leaves me with very little cash to be able to spend on what I like to call "fashion and beauty essentials" - makeup and clothes of course!!

So I figured what I would do is to create a wishlist- things I am so wanting right now but haven't been able to buy (as of yet!).

Firstly I am so loving  She Inside at the moment- so many pretty clothes for bargain prices! I'm a fan of their facebook page and they are always showing amazing outfit combinations that makes me want to buy the whole thing, like now!!

I really want a pair of these gorgeous shorts- daisy prints are so cute right now! You can buy them here.

With them I would pair this super cute chiffron vest: 
which can be found just here

As for shoes, I was browsing the iPanema Flip Flops website when I came across these beauties: 

They are a flip flop and a sandal combined which I think along with the daisy print shorts gives that really effortless chic look! The strap on these shoes is one of the main reasons I love them, I think it turns standard flip flops into something really feminine and cute. These are my new must have for the beach!! You can buy them here.

I totally love this necklace from New Look at the minute and think it adds that pop of pink to any outfit- something I love being super girly and a lover of all things pink!!
You can buy this here.

A brand I am really getting into at the moment is Michael Kors- I've seen a few watches and I totally want them! Now I've moved onto daydreaming over the bags too.

I couldn't narrow it down to just one or even several bags... I want them all! Browse the collection available to readily buy in the UK here!

So that's my summer outfit I am completely lusting over this week!

Here are a few beauty extras I am super lusting on too:

I was in town with a friend the other day when I smelt this for the first time and although it's not a new fragrance, this is top on my wish list for a day time perfume! It's floral and sweet notes ensure it has a romantic and dreamy smell however it does this without being overbearing or sickly sweet- love it! You can purchase this here.

I love a red lipstick and I am dreaming over this Yves Saint Laurent shade: Rouge Pur Couture. Described as "seductive, passionate and scandalous" this is a deep matte red this is sure to add that touch to any outfit! You can buy this here.

Lastly I am crushing on this Body shop blusher:

Both a blusher and a highlighter 'Baked-to-Last' looks a perfect makeup bag addition for summer in order to get that pop of shimmer in the sun! You can buy this online here.

So that's my Summer 2014 wishlist! What's on your wishlist this summer? Keep tuned into my blog where next post I will be showing you what's in my makeup bag as well as revealing my ideas for my bridal eye makeup! 

Happy summer everyone!



Friday, 1 August 2014

Sweet Pea Flowers

One of our neighbours gave us a bunch of sweetpea flowers from her garden this week which I thought was super cute!!

We don't have a vase yet!

For our wedding table decorations we are wanting white & pink sweetpea flowers. Especially if we can find a nice selection of different shades of pink; I think it will look so sweet and romantic, yet not too OTT.

They also smell AMAZING!

What did you use as your wedding table flowers? Let me know in the comments!