Tuesday, 2 June 2015

I'm back!


I'm back blogging after a long break without it! I can't believe it's almost been 9 months since I last wrote in my blog! I've been so busy with uni work and renovating our house that I totally neglected my blog, but my plan is not to do that again!

Update of where we are with the house:

Main bathroom almost done

En suite and downstairs loo are works in progress

We have made a vegetable bed in the garden and are currently getting some veg started in our little greenhouse. Will probably blog our seedlings progress over the next couple of weeks too!

We have a carpet down in our lounge now that our parents kindly gave us when they got a new carpet.

We also have sofas and armchairs bought!

So we have done quite a lot with the house and been super busy as you can probably tell from the absence!

I'm finished my final year of university now and currently waiting on the results.

BIG UPDATE: We now have three gorgeous kittens who are my world. More to follow on them...

I have also joined Forever and at the moment I'm waiting for my starter box to arrive and I am SUPER excited to start lending friends the products to try out. My skin has just been awful recently and I have very high hopes that their products will sort it out for me!

Soo just a little update as a very quick post. We have also now bought our wedding rings which I will attach pictures of in another post!!

Thank you for reading xxxx

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