Monday, 16 June 2014

Review of Benefit's "They're real" New Push Up Eyeliner and "They're Real" Mascara

Super Excited

I was super excited when I was chosen by the Debenhams Beauty Club to review Benefit's new push up eyeliner! I signed up to Debenhams Beauty Club card back in my first year of uni when I bought some estee lauder foundation there and it's great- you collect up your points from purchases and get occasional emails with offers etc!

I love Benefit and as their products can be quite pricey since starting uni I haven't been able to treat myself to them quite so much! I was even more excited when I saw the push up liner to review came with a miniature version of their "They're Real!" Mascara so that the complete look can be tested out.

"They're Real!" Push- Up Liner

The push up eyeliner is something I've never seen before! The tip is something called an "AccuFlex" tip with the purpose of it being so that you get a lash hugging application. And flexible it is! When I first opened the tube and saw the tip I was thinking "how does this not hurt your eyes?!" as it's a slanted tip and looks quite firm, however it's really not, once you feel it and apply it to your eyes it's really soft and smooth and the gel eyeliner goes on really well!

The liner itself comes in a cute little tube with a screw top- like all of Benefit's products the packaging is aesthetically pleasing. To use you simply rotate the base of the liner pen once which makes the gel eyeliner pop out. Word of warning: It comes up rather slowly so don't do what I did and get impatient and turn it several times, you end up with too much eyeliner coming out and it goes to waste as too much out and it will just snap off when you go to apply.

The eyeliner is easy to apply and the tip means you can position it really close to lashes. As I'm used to liquid eyeliners rather than pens, the first time I tried it I did find it a little tricky to do my eyeliner flicks and had to experiment with ways to hold it to make it easier for me. Once I mastered this though I found it a lot easier!

The colour goes on really black and it's durability is great! At the end of the day my liner is still bold black with this product which is a really great thing about it as I usually find eyeliner to dull out or flake off pretty quick! I was a little dubious as to how different it would be to other eyeliners as I already know to get the eyeliner as close to my lashes as possible, it's common sense right! But it really really does! I noticed straight away how much BIGGER my eyes looked, which was a shock to me as usually whatever I do they are still small! This made them instantly rounder and wider!

An all round winner, with the only disadvantage being that I find it slightly harder than liquid eyeliner to get my flicks right, but a bit of practice and this will definitely be on my 'maybe' list of cosmetics to wear on my big day!!


"They're Real!" Mascara

After knowing people who use this mascara and it not being a brand new product I was surprised and super pleased we got this to sample along with the push up liner- even if it is just a small sample tube!

And Oh my gosh, I love it! This went on super easily with no clumps whatsoever and only needed two layers. (Recently due to being a skint student I've been buying the cheaper mascaras and I've noticed I sometimes need FOUR coats just to achieve the look I want). I've used their bad GAL lashes mascara in the past before and was interested to see how this contended, whereas the bad gal lash dramatically thickens lashes this elongates them and really gives them that extra curl!

This made lashes 'POP' and look super long and thick too, without that dreaded clumpy spider leg look! After using this mascara along with the pop up liner I could definitely notice how much bigger my eyes looked! Mr P also noticed my eyes looked bigger which is saying something as I could have a parrot perched on my head and he wouldn't notice usually lol! At £19.50 it is a little pricey but here you are definitely paying for what you get!

A big winner for me!!

Big thank you to both Debenhams Beauty Club and Benefit Cosmetics for the chance to review these wonderful products!

What does everyone think of Benefit's products? Anyone else used this mascara? Leave a comment below!! :)





  1. Yeah I love Benefit products, I have tried they're real mascara and had people compliment me when Ive worn it! It makes your lashes look a lot longer and curled! Since I love mascaras so much (as you may of noticed) I have tried many brands but this one is definitely a favourite of mine! I was lucky to get mine off ebay for cheap (however you do have to be careful that people arent sakes) since as a student benefit is wayyy expensive! The only thing with me is that I found the brush a bit of getting used to, but I like the design and it is effective. The liner sounds awesome! Ive not been used to pens and Im terrible at getting a thin even line! Which is why often my eyes look really heavy as after several 'evening outs' the line gets mega thick! Will definitely have to try this one when my money comes in!

    1. The mascara is great yeah! It is expensive as a student though, got to agree! I found it alright to do a thin line with this eye liner :) it is a bit hard to get to grips with the tip at first if your used to liquid liner but then it's fine when you've mastered that!