Friday, 13 June 2014

Becoming Mrs P

"Will you marry me?" This is the four words most little girls grow up dreaming of! They dream of the day the prince on the white horse comes riding up to them and sweeps them off their feet,of living in a sparkling palace happily ever after. Reality skips the white horse and the palace; the prince's aren't always the cliché of the knights in shining armour, and very few people (aside from Kate Middleton) get the palace that comes along with it! But it is still perfect.

Reality can be getting proposed to in the bath and then both of you realising the ring needs to come off again almost straight after because, well your in the bath and you don't want to get it wet! Cue getting the ring slipped on your finger twice! Reality isn't the perfect prince, he's a man who drives you crazy with loads of annoying little habits but you still love him despite all these. The perfect fairy tales from the story books when you were younger don't exist, but your own version of them can and they can be imperfectly perfect!

So here I am, my last year of university coming up and we're buying our first house in the summer and planning a wedding for two years time! So much excitement coming up and I thought what better way to share it than with a blog! I hope to incorporate my love of pretty things, make up and Taylor Swift into my blog as you all share my journey of buying and decorating our home and planning the wedding!

I'm going to be sharing my interior design dreams, sharing every detail along the way of planning my wedding and throwing in reviews about wedding day makeup!

Anybody else planning a wedding I would love to hear from you in the comments box! :)




  1. Aw this is so sweet! Its so true about fairytales vs. reality though! But its nice to see a little bit of magic in our everyday life :)