Thursday, 19 June 2014

Start Of Summer Beauty Buys

I decided the other day I haven't treated myself to new buys in a while so when my concealer, face wash and eyebrow pencil ran out I was super happy it meant I got to go shopping for new products! :D

Here are my beauty buys for the start of the summer:

Sleek Brow Kit in Dark:

Wow I absolutely adore the Sleek eyebrow kit! It is the best eyebrow product I've used, EVER. It comes with two little palettes of product, a tinted wax to shape and define brows and then coloured powder to set. Also inside this is an angled brush for the wax, a blending brush for the powder and a cute pair of mini tweezers perfect for getting to any stray hairs whilst on the move! Adorable!

 I've survived up till now on pencils and didn't realise how much I was missing out on. The wax allows you to really define your brows, going on much smoother and more defined than a pencil; the angled brush allows you to apply it perfectly. Then the powder is a perfect finishing touch to the look. My eye brows looked amazing after this, as good as a tint!

I did think it was a little pricy at £8.50 but now I know why (and it's still only a few pounds more than eyebrow pencils I've used). This is definitely worth the money!!

I adore Sleek products- I also have their Face Form which is great for contouring, I love it! You can read a great review of that on Lil Loves blog! :)

Nivea Gentle Exfoliating Scrub:

Mr P won't use anything but this so I thought I would try it to seeing as it is buy one get one free at Tesco at the minute! (usually priced at £4.07 each).
It's gentle enough to use every day and seems to be improving my spots (eugh hormones) so I'm not complaining! I usually use the Neutrogena visibly clear gentle exfoliating wash and I think this Nivea one is gentler and less drying on my skin.

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon:


These looked so cute that I just had to try them! Recently I've binned all my lip glosses and just stuck to proper lipsticks as I was fed up of the gloopy mess in my hair from lipgloss and felt they didn't stay put very long no matter which brand I tried. So when I saw the Colour boost lip crayon I was interested to see what they would be like; with their bare lip formula there is no stickiness and they are a lot more moisturising than lipsticks!

I got this in the 02 Fuschia Libre shade and the 03 Orange Punch.

The Fuschia Libre is like your standard bright pink colour and gives a wonderful shine. I love the way they feel on my lips also, super soft- their formula contains silk extract!
I felt like the Orange Punch could of been a bit brighter as going on my lips it was quite a pale pink colour rather than the striking coral I was expecting!
These are really handy for just popping some lippy on when on the go and are great for a summer day time casual look.

Have you tried the other colours in this range? Would love to hear about them in the comments box! :)

Collection 2000 Cover Up Stick:

I got this as it was cheap  and thought it was worth trying out. I can't say I'm very impressed with it,  lot of product is needed for any coverage at all and I felt it got into my pores and actually highlighted imperfections more. You definitely get what you pay for with this product so I can't complain!

I do however love the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection foundation so I don't think this is a reflection on the brand, just this particular product isn't for me! :)

Has anyone got any recommendations for concealer  on a budget for me? Let me know in the comments box! 

Bic Soleil Scented Razors:

I love these because they are scented! It comes with different shades of pink and a purple in the packet and they all smell of lavender which is light and this in my opinion makes them smell sweet and summery :) I mainly bought these because they were on offer and there was a prize in conjunction with Bourjois to win a little round pot eyeshadow (which I didn't win but there is 50 000 up for grabs- I did however get a £2.00 off voucher for the eyeshadow!)
Other than that these are just standard razors really, three blades with twin lubricating strip, got no complaints about them and they offered a close shave considering they were only £1.50 lol!


Nail Art (Freebie):






This was a free gift I got for buying two bourjois products! It is the spring-summer 2013 nail art back so it is last year however it's so cute! I am super into nail art and last summer spent most of my time practicing nail art on one of my friends- she had everything from minion to doctor who to converse nails!

With this kit you get:

Black Nail Stickers:

These are adorable and turn boring nails into something pretty! Super easy to apply- just peel off and stick on your nail- I found they are best used when the nail is still a bit 'tacky' to allow them to stick properly without smudging any polish! The smaller ones are best applied with tweezers as they can be fiddly :)


These are awesome and you just apply to your nail after you have covered your nail in your first colour choice of polish and paint. You can make lots of cute designs with these, my favourite has to be the little tux's :)

Sparkle Tape: 

You get loads of this! Just unwind, snip and place on your nail. Adds some cute sparkle to turn casual nails into more of a going out look!

Let me know your summer beauty buys in the comments box below guys! Have you tried any of the same products? :)





  1. I love the sleek eyebrow kit, its pretty much exactly the same as my benefit browzingz!
    xprincessjas | xx

    1. It's great isn't it :) I've only really used pencils and with those being quite a bit cheaper I thought Sleek's was pricey. But actually it's such good value for money as it really is great! I saw Benefit's the other day and was thinking it seems basically the same! I love Sleek :)

  2. Definitely recommend collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer. Its basically the best 'drug store' concealer and is about 4.99 so not too bad! However, I would recommend possibly trying MUA's stick concealer...its about the same price as the collections one but again, its not the most amazing product and I know for dry skin concealer sticks are the worst! However I have found Rimmel (I'm a big Rimmel user) hide the blemish stick concealer to be better but its a tad more expensive :) The scented razors sound awesome, i pay too much for my Gillette Venus razors (luckily my dad bought me some new blades recently but I choose the oldest aka cheapest devine ones instead of the better embrace/pro skin razor cartridges! Will have to try those, sound so nice for summer!

    1. I will have to give that concelear a try, as I like the collection 2000 lasting perfection foundation! Good price too! I also like the Rimmel foundation so will be trying that concealer too :)
      The razors smell so cute! :)

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